Mersifarma Tirmaku Mercusana, Ltd., or Mersifarma TM, Ltd., in short, and decided to be called as Mersi, which is mean “to Create Equivalent drugs under International Standard”.

We are so sure that a good quality product will eventually improve life’s quality.

Seeing and feeling how important are quality, safety and efficacy so that a few Medical top figures and Economist as well as Interpreneurs all together have established a pharmaceutical industry named Mersifarma.

From the establishment in 1997 starting plant construction and 1999 starting of production, Mersifarma continuously improve Quality, Safety and Eficacy as well as developing new products for various medication targets. Up to now, Mersifarma has been growing fast, in line with the planned target and continuously making innovations.

Our target is in line with the Company’s Vision and Mission, we will be continuously growing following and moving along with the development of medical services and the needs of the Indonesian and International society.

Under Licensed Product


We are sure that development and progress in the medical world sphere will not stop and stagnant so that all Mersifarma TM personnels have to be combat ready to grow, to progress and never ever stop to innovate.



July 2

Expansion of the Local Drug Market

Expansion of the Local Drug Market
February 10

A New Pharmaceutical Industry is Founded

Mersi’s Pharmaceutical factory sits on a sprawling land area of 78.000 sqm at Cikembar, Sukabumi (West Java) occupying buildings of approximately 13.652 sqm. The Government of Indonesia’s Ministry of Health through the (formerly) Drug and Food Directorate General of Drug and Food Control granted the Pharmaceutical Operating Permit to Mersi on November 26th, 1998.
January 4

In the Beginning…

Established in 1997 by 7 founding fathers from different expertise and professional, PT MERSIFARMA TIRMAKU MERCUSANA, further shortly called MERSI, meaning: Manufacturing drugs Equlivalent Research Standard International.