Hypertension 2017: The Science for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Practice

17-fe-3_001Hypertension, the silent killer is a leading risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney
failure and increase the mortality and morbidity. In the years to come the burden of
hypertension is expected to rise enormously. There were approximately 972 million
people living with high blood pressure (BP) in the world in the year 2000, compared to
an estimated 1.56 billion in 2025. In Indonesia, recently, approximately (26.5 %) adult
people living with hypertension.
Efforts to control the epidemic of high BP and its cardiovascular and renal
complications have traditionally focused on pharmacologic treatment of persons with
established hypertension. Such efforts reflect an impressive body of evidence that has
documented the beneficial effects of antihypertensive drug therapy in preventing BPrelated